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Oct 4, 2017 to
Nov 22, 2017

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Eastern Time

New York, NY
Hallowell NYC
“Calm and Connected: Parenting Kids with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges©” Created by Cindy Goldrich

7 Wednesday sessions beginning Wednesday October 4th for 7 weeks 6:30 - 8pm
Cost: $590 for the 7 weeks ($690 for couples) Location: The Hallowell Center NYC
Led by Marcia Hochman, LMSW, MPA, Parenting Coach and Professional ADHD Parent Coach Trainer with over 25 years of experience working with parents, children, and families
Included in the 10 and a half hours of the workshop is a private one hour coaching session to be scheduled with Marcia Hochman

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Oct 24, 2017 to
Nov 21, 2017

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Eastern Time

New York, NY
Hallowell NYC
Mindfulness Techniques for adults with ADHD

Scientific research shows that your mind can be trained just as your body can be trained with practice. We go to the gym to workout and strengthen our bodies. Come to this workshop to train and strengthen your mind. You will learn ADHD friendly mindfulness tools and techniques that increase your focus, calm your inner chaos, and improve your interpersonal effectiveness. You will experience an increased engagement in all aspects of your life and will be better able to manage daily stress.

Workshop info:
Starts Tuesday, October 24th – 4 weeks – 6:30-8pm
Early bird special, pay by October 17th, $280 (normal price $295)

Oct 25, 2017 to
Feb 2, 2018

6:30 PM to 7:45 PM
Central Time

New york, NY
Hallowell NYC

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that incorporates eastern philosophies of Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance. The 16 week workshop is divided into 4 different modules, and will be taught in this order:

November 6, 2017
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Eastern Time

New York, NY
Hallowell NYC
Survival Guide For Parenting Children with ADHD

Academics West and The Hallowell Center NYC are hosting an ADHD education support night for parents and caregivers! ADHD expert Dr. Evan Flamenbaum, Director of Academics West, and Marcia Hochman, LMSW, who runs parenting workshops at the The Hallowell Center, will share their expertise on parenting children with ADHD.

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